I'm not one for biting, but I'm going to recreate this jacket...with some Permanent Wave detailing.


On the Radar: Kenetrek

Okay, for the 10 or so fans/visitors of this blog, I've got a bit of a treat for you today. The Kenetrek company makes what seem to be some really excellent boots and for my Arctic weather denizens, boots seem to come in handy. If nothing else, Kenetrek boots are an escape from the obvious choices of LL Bean, Danner, Red Wing, and others wildly popular brands among the lovers of all things authentic. Feel free to diversify your look from time to time and step into these chunky hunting/mountain boots.

And if you're still on the fence Kenetrek are patrons of Arrow and Russell Moccasin, too.



illest music sequence that I've ever seen in a movie. if you haven't seen it, watch Short Eyes.



one of the best outiftting displays I've ever seen. it's a shame that engineered garments is so damn expensive, though (not to mention that the majority of the collection is Japan only).


APC does just about everything right (except not offering a high-rise denim jean) and they stay true to their classic/funky style with this hat. It's quite pricey, but I don't think that will deter me this time around...


I really dig these oxfords by Hathorn because they add a realy funky twist to an otherwise, pretty bland piece of footwear. The super thick stitched Vibram soles really set them off for the kid. But, like 98% of Japanese exclusive products, the $750+ price tag isn't even close to being an acceptable price range for any item of footwear or apparel.

In all realness, these are more than likely a spruced up version of a vintage eBay find...maybe a Carolina Work Boot oxford. I think i'll get on that right away.


Want: This.......

been eyeing this for about two months now. Really wish I had an extra $80 to fuck off real quick.


nice looking things.......

i really never intended to post a bunch of things on this site that a gang of people are already aware of. nevertheless, i think ymc is a brand that is still under the radar and they're certainly doing some really great interpretations of classic pieces.
on another note, SMH @ myself for writing more than 1 sentence on a blog that like 8 people may know about.


on the radar: dickies flannel-lined pants

yes, this picture is a relatively bite-sized but it's more than enough for people to get the point. a flannel lining can add some much needed pop to even the most square of trousers. they're relatively easy to find and pretty reasonably priced (WWM and E. Garments don't count). dickies is one of my favorite brands so I think I'll rock with them. they'll work well with these moc-toe red wings.


the new birth.......

sampled by metal fingers on "emblica officinalis"

sampled by kanye west on "impossible"

sampled on jamie foxx's "unpredictable"

sampled by dj clark kent on "playa's anthem (remix)"

just some more ill shit by the new birth


very big believer in this brand. well crafted, low cost (relatively), and good looking. i promise to start posting original pictures once I get the time, inspiration, and a camera.


para tus manos.......

i've never been a fan of heavy, thick, and/or cumbersome gloves for the cold weather season. as a result, I usually run through about 10-15 pairs of those $3.00 black gloves from Walgreens. problem solved, right? not quite; warmth is certainly not an added value of those 300 pennies. these alpaca gloves from husband & wife founded brand folk should do the trick for me.

more nice shoes.......


fairly new to me & most likely you too...

I won't be that guy to act like I've "been up on that" with everything I post, but guarantee it will all be good stuff. check out heritage leather company and don't be alarmed with (or frightened by the reasonable price points.

as we reminisce.......

my homegirl Chelsea & I were discussing this movie one day while talking about cocaine and other random sweet things. she suggested I post this here. thanks.......

real nice music......

click the picture please.......


you gotta be fucking kidding me...(co.jp)

kinda dig...


coming soon from G.H. Bass. I think I'm going to get into these (PAWS)


I'd really like for all of you SIRS and Madames to get into this brand...it's called The Hill-Side




this'll set you back about $325...I'm going.



nice pants.......


you'll undoubtedly see me in something from these gents in the coming (pause) months.