nice looking things.......

i really never intended to post a bunch of things on this site that a gang of people are already aware of. nevertheless, i think ymc is a brand that is still under the radar and they're certainly doing some really great interpretations of classic pieces.
on another note, SMH @ myself for writing more than 1 sentence on a blog that like 8 people may know about.


on the radar: dickies flannel-lined pants

yes, this picture is a relatively bite-sized but it's more than enough for people to get the point. a flannel lining can add some much needed pop to even the most square of trousers. they're relatively easy to find and pretty reasonably priced (WWM and E. Garments don't count). dickies is one of my favorite brands so I think I'll rock with them. they'll work well with these moc-toe red wings.


the new birth.......

sampled by metal fingers on "emblica officinalis"

sampled by kanye west on "impossible"

sampled on jamie foxx's "unpredictable"

sampled by dj clark kent on "playa's anthem (remix)"

just some more ill shit by the new birth


very big believer in this brand. well crafted, low cost (relatively), and good looking. i promise to start posting original pictures once I get the time, inspiration, and a camera.


para tus manos.......

i've never been a fan of heavy, thick, and/or cumbersome gloves for the cold weather season. as a result, I usually run through about 10-15 pairs of those $3.00 black gloves from Walgreens. problem solved, right? not quite; warmth is certainly not an added value of those 300 pennies. these alpaca gloves from husband & wife founded brand folk should do the trick for me.

more nice shoes.......