Sweats 'n Gore-Tex

" I cruise in a GS Lex', Cartier specs, nauctica sweats with the fresh Gore-tex" -Big L

Just because of the go-ill chi weather. Although people like to call Chicago the 'Windy City' because of its lakefront coolwave winds, the name originates from its rich history of journalism, reporters, and polititians pressing the name to establish chi-dentity. Not to be longwinded but this is for those 10 to below 0 days. Jackets all TNF. Pant Isoara... Robert Geller, The Real McCoy are all decent amongst others, however prefer Buzz Rickson.

"I must confess, my destiny's manifest In some Goretex and sweats I make treks like I'm homeless"- Lauryn

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djmylo said...

And the term go-ill is not used loosely here. The cold also refers to the mental.