Batman vs. Spiderman.......


An ongoing debate in which people NEVER set their personal biases aside and just look at the facts of the matter. Batman, while a skilled ninja, sharp detective, billionaire, and playboy does not possess the strength or speed to fuck with Spidey in a brawl. We all know that Peter Parker is the average teenage emotional headcase, but at the end of the day he still has SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH (Last time I checked his bench press was between 15-20 tons), Insane speed (understatement), and a Spidey-Sense that's basically developed into pre-cognition. If that wasn't enough, Spidey's costume (armour) created by Tony Stark (again, I haven't kept up recently so this may have changed) is built so that it can almost withstand bullets. That being said, those damn Batarangs don't stand much of a chance (not that they'd hit anyway. Remember that Spidey-Sense?)
I'll make sure to get back in the shops and make sure my little bit of knowledge on this subject is up to snuffleupagus. It actually had never ocurred to me until a couple years back how many Batman fans, and comic book fans in general, HATE Spiderman. I only wanted to show that the guy is THE ultimate superhero and the facts behind why I think he'll virtually rip Batty Boy's head off (II).

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