Lackluster Video.......

If you were unaware, Blockbuster has been in the fucking blender for quite some time now. At one time synonymous with movie rental, the Billion dollar company's slow reaction to burgeoning distribution channels (most notably the INTERWEBS!!!) has resulted in almost 1,000 stores being closed across the United States. Now the good folks @ BV have concocted a BRILLIANT idea that will definitely place them back into America's graces. With a move that may be the most brilliant marketing decision since M&M's turning down E.T., Blockbuster has decided to re-enlist the ever-joyous late fee. Yup, $1.00 per day up to 10 days, for every day past the due date. How brilliant is that? I mean, we all know there's only one thing that customers love than saving money...and that's paying MORE money. And BV, took that mantra a step further. Now all movie rentals at BV's (corporate) stores will be a whopping $4.99...and yes, that includes releases that have been on the shelves since the VHS was introduced. I've got a lot to say about this situation, but this'll have to be the denouement (but not really, though).

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