Clarks Desert Mali

I think everyone has that one item that's a "unicorn" for them. Unfortunately, I have about 50 or so different "unicorn items." I came across the Clarks Desert Mali back in 2006 and was taken aback to say the least. The shoe is quite similar to the Boondocker Boot with a look that's fairly unique to Clarks. A couple of weeks ago, I finally acquired a pair (not pictured) and I don't there's any better way to spend $59.99. If the stars happen to line up accordingly, I'd love for the "powers that be" to come across this post in some way, shape, or form. I mean, can you imagine the fucking possibilities of a boot like this? Just think the original sand suede colorways, or even various hues of red or brown in leather or suede. And if you really wanna get freaky, add a lug sole for a silly rugged look...all while maintaining a more than reasonable price point. Well, we probably won't see the Desert Mali make a glorious return until the Japanese decide to play around with it and Clarks realize there's DUMB commercial viability for the boot.

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