Timberland 3 Eye Lug

Allow me to explain a little something about being someone obsessed with shoes. There are just about NO LIMITATIONS to what that person likes and may eventually purchase. I like just about everything there is (yup, even those hiking-ass New Balance and the brown Mephistos). Earlier on, I eschewed classic (normally kicks that are found in abundance at any time of the year) for the "cool" shit that I was afraid may sell out. Nike got real clever and released the "cool" kicks every 30 minutes, and having only so much to spend, I often put everything else I wanted on the backburner.
Well, nowadays Nike sucks and I've been going back to some of my all time favorites (I always experimented with other brands but Nike was about 70% of what I owned). The shoe pictured above is certainly an all time favorite for me and, luckily, I can find a pair pretty much anytime I've got some ducats to blow. A couple of months ago, I was able to grab it's 7 foot cousin and, with spring approaching, now's the time for the little one to come home.

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