The Fatigue Pant

Yesterday I walked into The Gap for the first time in a long time. For the past couple seasons, most of the stores offerings were boring as fuck or just didn't flow well with my style. Well yesterday, I encountered a military-inspired section that was most certainly my twist. Then I noticed the Fatigue Pant that was on sale for $19.99 in about 3 diferent colorways. For those of us not willing to shell out $150+ for the Engineered Garments version, these don't do so bad. This particular fatigue pant is a bit heavier than the usual Gap Khaki and "weathered and broken-in" finish is comfortable as hell.
I didn't feel like taking my own fit pics (and I probably never will), so don't mind the Gap models rocking them like pointdexters. I know the leg opening will be a bit wide for most but the broken-in finish allows for pinrolling without looking silly. Per usual, I tried them on with about 6 diferent types of shoes/boots and they worked out splendidly. Buy them and wear them as you please.

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