For the Affluent.......

I've never been much for cars, but there were always those that I thought were simply untouchable. These are just a few that I've longed for at some point in my life.

The 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

Judging by the Air Jordan 3s, I'll assume this is a 1989 or so Mercedez Benz SL 500 AMG (kitted like fuck and I say 89 because in those days it was damn near illegal to have on an Mikes that were the least bit old or played out. By the time they re-released in 1994, I'm sure KnP weren't on this but please correct me if I'm bogus). This is a bad ass whip.

My pops refers to this as the "Big Boy Special." 1996 Mercedez Benz SL600. This hoe was bad.

IMHO, the only whip for a dope boy. Don't trick it out with dumb ass 24" rims, either. Get yourself one of these in a classic Red, White, Black, or Silver and IF YOU MUST SHINE, consider the option for Chrome rims from the showroom. The best models of the Rover were 97-99.

And before the Rover, I remember the "Big Cheeses" rockin' with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. White or Black w/Gold detailing on the wheels or you were in violation.


1997 Jeep Wrangler. This was a bad ass ride as well. Kinda under the "Baby Mama" act but as a kid I didn't know much better.


In December of 1993, I was 5 years old. That year I got the most Christmas presents that I'd ever get for the rest of my life. Among them was a model of a 1988 Lamborghini Countach LP5000 pretty similar to this one. I still have it.

***Not Pictured (because I couldn't find any better pictures than the above or didn't feel like searching)***

1. Late 90s Toyota Land Cruiser
2. 2004 BMW 760 Li
3. Volkswagen Thing
4. Probably about 40 more that I don't feel like naming now.......

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