For the Feet.......

Great things happen when you when you tread unfamiliar waters...for better or for worse. The other day, I took a different walking route just because I figured I'd find something new. And find something new, I did. This past Monday I sat staring past the gate and through the windows of a Chicago shoe store. It was gated, of course, because they had just closed up shop; this made me a bit anxious to say the least. Today I was able to check out this unearthed gem (for me, at least) and I was well pleased with my visit.
When you walk in, you're greeted by a shoe-shinesman named Larry and just about every wall is graced with some pretty amazing footwear from Clarks and Timberland to Cole Haan and Allen-Edmonds. The associate boasted on their extensive warehouse of over 70,000 pairs and 22 stockrooms. This should be fun.

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